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This is the list of meanings and effects of wooden beads or stones you have chosen by Omamori Bracelet.

The colour and inclusions of natural stones are different from bead to bead even if they are the same stone. Please enjoy the blessings of nature.

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Effect| Heals the mind. Purify. Refreshs the mind.

Meaning| A refreshing stone that lightens the mind and body. It is said to strengthen concentration and judgment.


cherry / crazy

Effect| Repairs and facilitates relationship. Blessed with a good match.

Meaning| A talisman stone called “Clairvoyance Stone”. It is said to be a stone that gives a direct vibration to the emotions that have been put away. It revives the warm flow to the depths of your heart.


blue / cream

Effect| Balances your mind. Gains self-confidence.

Meaning| Also known as the “stone of hope”. It allows you achieve your dreams and goals.


lavender / deep purple/ phantom

Effect| Relieves stress. Enhances decision-making ability and judgment. Facilitates interpersonal relationship.

Meaning| A stone that cultivates the ability to see through the truth by giving calmness and composure. It is said that it is also effective for insomnia due to worries and nerves.


blue / black

Effect| Brings devoted affection. Reconciles the couple. Increases sensitivity.

Meaning| Healing. Improves interpersonal relationships. It’s called the “Angel’s Stone”, it symbolizes beautiful youth and happy joy.


Effect| Enhances your intuition. Awakens your true self.

Meaning| A symbol of revival and rebirth. A powerful stone that contains many minerals and works in all directions.


red / green

Effect| Enhances insight. Balances the mind. Relieves stress. Enhances emotions.

Meaning| It has the effect of improving the flow of energy and increasing vitality and motivation. It is said to increase concentration and judgment, and lead the owner to success.


Bombay blackwood


Effect| One of the three most famous trees of Karaki. It takes a long time to grow and becomes a heavy and strong tree, symbolizing steady growth and fruitfulness.



Effect| Increases energy. Sustains high awareness.

Meaning| It is said that Napoleon always worn the octagonal seal carnelian. Demonstrates power when you try your luck or challenge new things.


Effect| Healing. Increases your own value.

Meaning| One of the world three major healing stones. It is said that it will give notice from time to time and illuminate the way to go.

Cherry Blossom


Effect| Cherry blossoms are considered to be “trees where the gods reside” and have been worshiped since ancient times. For general amulet. (We use Japanese cherry wood)


Effect| An amulet that improves the circulation of the body.

Meaning| Derived from Persian ‘dragon’s blood’. It has long been used as a paint for “Torii gates” (a Shinto gateway) and in Chinese medicine. It is also said to lead to business success.


Effect| Improves interpersonal relationships. Relieves stress. Increases financial luck. Brings brightness.

Meaning| A stone with powerful energy like the sun. It is a lucky charm for money that brings “Prosperity” and “wealth”. It is also suitable for those who run a business or company.



Effect| Relieves fatigue in the brain. Brings out the ability to restore it to a healthy state.

Meaning| A stone that is good at detoxifying the mind. Derived from the Latin word for “flow”. Known as the “stone of genius”. it is popular as a charm for entrance exams and interviews since it controls intelligence. It has an effect when you want to move forward without fear of change.



green / gold / orange / red

Effect| Vitality. Fortune.

Meaning| Derived from the Latin word for “seed”. It is said to give vitality and perseverance and make efforts come to fruition. It is a stone suitable for those who have dreams and goals that they want to achieve.

Golden beryl

Effect| Frees yourself from stress and worries. Strengthens willpower. Increases insight.

Meaning| Effective for stress-related disorders. It is said that it will support you to achieve your goals because you can expect the effect of keeping your energy.


Effect| Healing. Enhances expressiveness.

Meaning| A relatively new stone discovered in the early 20th century. It has an effect when you want to throw away your thoughts or focus on one thing.

Granite (sesame jasper/dalmatian jasper)

Effect| Regulates the ups and downs of emotions. Harmonizes.

Meaning| Since it is a type of granite made by mixing various ores, it helps to support and harmonize each other.The stone is often recognized by the common name jasper.


Idocrase (Vesuvianite)

Effect| Bring out your vitality and ability.

Meaning| Connect your daily efforts to results and make full use of your original abilities. When you want to face things seriously.


Effect| Increases passion. Attracts attraction. Improves focus.

Meaning| “Stone of love”. It is said to lead to happy love and marriage, and to keep marital relationships in good condition. It also has the effect of relieving stress and heals the owner’s mind.


Effect| Calms the mind. Soothes anger and frustration.

Meaning| It will help you regain your composure and work on things positively. Also for improving interpersonal relationships.


Effect| Organizes your confused thoughts. Encourages flexible thinking. Dispels negative feelings.

Meaning| It was once used as a compass and has the meaning of “a guidepost for life” to reach a goal. It is a stone suitable for those who start a new environment and new life.



Burma / Itoigawa

Effect| Goal achievement. Gives wisdom. Increases intuition. Develops mental strength.

Meaning| A stone that brings “success and prosperity”. In China, Japan, and the Polynesian Islands, jade (jadeite) is considered to be a stone with special spiritual power.

Japanese Umbrella Pine


Effect| Called “Koyamaki” in Japanese and named because it grows wild in Koyasan. It is considered a sacred tree in Koyasan, and has been used as a lumber for a long time because it is resistant to water and does not rot easily.


Effect| Activates the body and mind. Increases positivity.

Meaning| A type of quartz formed from a mixture of various ores. It is said to increase metabolism and switch to a more positive outlook.



Effect| Finds true love.

Meaning| Relieves anxiety caused by past unsuccessful love affairs and makes the spirit positive. It will also foster the owner’s tolerance and mercy, and make them aware of love.


hindu / fuchsite in kyanite

Effect| Improves thinking and judgment.

Meaning| It clears various things and helps you step forward. It will guide the owner even when he/she stops at the crossroads of life and give him/her courage and confidence.



Effect| Brings out your potential. Increases intuition. Increases inspiration.

Meaning| It is said to be a stone of “a symbol of the moon and the sun”, and it is said to bring the intuition of the moon and the vitality of the sun. Recommended for those who work creatively.

Lapis lazuli

Effect| Talisman. Improves determination and judgment. Powerful amulet.

Meaning| Cultivate “honesty” and “pure heart”. According to the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, the dead needed a lapis lazuli heart-shaped amulet to go to heaven.


Effect| Healing. Increases creativity and inspiration. Increases flexibility.

Meaning| One of the world three major healing stones. It is mainly said to heal mental fatigue. This stone is highly effective in relieving negative emotions and healing deep emotional wounds.


Effect| Coordination of mind and body. Self-reform. Aadaptability.

Meaning| Stone of transformation. It gently changes your consciousness when you need a change, and supports you to respond flexibly to changes in the situation. For when you want to reset old thoughts and take a new step.



white / brown / orange / pink / larvikite

Effect| Amulet for success in love. Healing. Increases intuition and inspiration.

Meaning| “Lovers Stone”. It is said to have an excellent effect of attracting and connecting two people who are far away, and is also known as a talisman for long-distance relationships. Also said to bring good sleep.


Effect| Lesses fatigue. Strengthens physical fitness.

Meaning| The contained mica has been used as a herbal medicine for a long time, and is said to cheer up the mind and body.



Effect| Leads to positive thinking. Brings healing.

Meaning| Also known as the “Stone of Philosophy”, it bestows wisdom and judgment on its owner. In addition, it symbolizes virtues such as gentleness and cooperation, and gives the power to lead things positively.



black / grey

Effect| A powerful amulet effect. Improves willpower.

Meaning| A “stone of self-defense” that strengthens will power, gives correct judgment, and repels the malice of others. Shake off negative thoughts and temptations and strengthen yourself.


African / blue / dendrite / black

Effect| Healing. Gives positive thinking. Boosts your imagination. Brings out your charm.

Meaning| It is said to have a tolerant wave like the earth, and it heals the owner and prepares the feelings. Recommended for those who want to find new possibilities.



freshwater / Akoya

Effect| Protects against misfortune and wards off evil.

Meaning| Symbol of “health”, “longevity” and “wealth”. Because of its very strong protective powers, it is also said to bring prosperity to the family and fertility to the children. Also said to bring good sleep.


Effect| Healing. Keeps your mind calm. Enhances intelligence.

Meaning| A stone that brings brightness and enrichment to mentally and physically. It is said to heal emotional wounds and negative emotions, and improve interpersonal relationships.

Pinctada Maxima(Wing Oysters)

Effect| Blesses with children and love. Family happiness. Increases luck in love.

Meaning| It is also said to nurture enveloping motherhood and help with child rearing and family happiness.


Effect| Improves comprehension. Harmonizes. Improves thinking ability.

Meaning| See through the “essence of things” by enhancing your ability to think and judge. Recommended for those who want to get ahead in life and for business people.



biotite in quartz

Effect| Increase immunity, recover from fatigue.

Meaning| Adjust your habits and stabilize your mind.


Effect| Unleashes potential. Sharpens insight. Purifies the body’s energy.

Meaning| A general warding off stone that is said to have meanings such as “good luck, purification, warding off evil and fulfillment of wishes”. It has a strong power so it seems better to avoid wearing it if it feels uncomfortable.

elestial (Super 7 / black)

Effect| Unlocks potential. Raises overall luck. Improves harmony and balance. Healing effect.

Meaning| A rare crystal that can provide overall power. Recommended for those seeking strong overall power.

garden quartz

Effect| Increases decisiveness.

Meaning| A stone that stabilises the mind and enhances the power of decision-making. Since overseas Chinese people wore it as a talisman for business, it is gaining popularity as a talisman for financial and business luck.

goethite in quartz

Effect| Improve the power of imagination. Strengthens the power of action.

Meaning| The power to accurately see the essence of things and move forward without hesitation towards one’s dreams.

hematite in quartz(blood aura / phantom)

Effect| Activates of the body and brain. Increases positivity.

Meaning| Another name for the inclusion hematite is “”blood stone””. It improves circulation in the body and increases vitality. It is also good as a charm for prosperous business and business success because it is resistant to adversity.

red quartz (guava)

Effect| mental stability,improve your luck.

Meaning| It will help you recover from fatigue and lack of motivation and help you tackle things positively.

rose quartz (rose/deep rose)

Effect| Cultivates unconditional love. Enhances the luck of romance.

Meaning| In Greek mythology, the stone of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. A stone that fosters kindness and compassion.

smoky quartz

Effect| Works on potential. Drives away evil spirits. Develops patience. Relaxing effect.

Meaning| Dwells in the power of the earth. It brings out your potential and intuition, and bloom your inspiration and ideas. It is said to ward off evil spirits and remove fear and anxiety.

strawberry quartz

Effect| Brings out the attractiveness. Strengthens the power of action.

Meaning| “Symbol of health and beauty”. It helps to build confidence in individual attractiveness and supports you towards your goals and wishes.



Effect| Healing. Improves interpersonal relationships.

Meaning| It continuously works on past trauma and encourages you to act with motivation. For those who want to be tolerant.


Effect| Competitive. Increases mental strength and willpower.

Meaning| It is said to help increase mental strength and vitality. As a result, it is a stone that is associated with good luck and financial luck, such as attracting strength and power.

Rutilated quartz

rutilated quartz (gold / champagne / bronz)

Effect| Improves your financial luck. Leads your work to success, and activates your body and mind.

Meaning| It also has the effect of enhancing insight and intuition, and continuously receiving those energies will naturally lead to better luck with money and work.



grey / blue / pink

Effect| Brings intelligence and calmness. Enhances your artistic sense and elegance.

Meaning| It is said to control emotions and bring calmness. For those who run a company or business because it enhances “charisma and competitive spirit”.


Effect| Healing. Detox. Increases insight.

Meaning| It is said to remove stagnation from the body and lighten the mind and body. Also for when you want to turn things around.


Effect| Continuation power.Strengthening the will.

Meaning| Good at choosing things. Eliminate wasted energy and lead to achieving your goals.


Effect| Sharpens your sensitivity. Increases immunity.

Meaning| It is said to stabilise fluctuations in mind and body and bring dreams and goals closer to reality. For when you want to bring a sense of bounce to your life.

Striped Ebony


Effect| One of the three most famous trees of Karaki. Since ebony is a hard and durable material, it has been used for Buddhist altars and black keys of pianos. Increases vitality.


Effect| Revitalises the body and mind. Overcomes adversity and difficulties.

Meaning| A rare stone found in Japan. It is also one of the world three major healing stones with very strong healing power, so it is recommended for those who are exhausted both physically and mentally.


sunstone (orange)

Effect| Eliminates trauma. Draws out potential. Enhances creativity

Meaning| Since ancient times, it has been worshiped as a stone that symbolises the sun god, and the energy that emits power like the sun is said to bring self-confidence to the owner.

sunstone(black star/platinum)

Effect| Finds your rhythm. Regains your confidence.

Meaning| It switches negative cycles into positive ones and brings luck into your life. It is said to be a powerful help in seizing possibilities.

sunstone (Arusha)

Effect| Calms the mind. Improves the flow of fortune.

Meaning| Improve your luck by suppressing your emotional ups and downs and forgetting your feelings of inferiority.



Effect| Cultivates objectivity. Seeks out the essence.

Meaning| A stone that gives you a bird’s eye view of things and helps you realise what is important and the path you need to take. When you want to have a relaxed mind and not get caught up in the fetters.

Tiger’s Eye

blue / South China / bleached

Effect| Develops decision-making skills and leads to success. Increases insight. Prosperity in business.

Meaning| The Tiger’s Eye is said to enhance insight, as it was believed to see through everything. It is said to ward off misfortune and cultivate luck associated with money.


Effect| Prepares your mind. Attracts what you really want.

Meaning| A stone that calms miscellaneous thoughts and enhances potential. It supports you in drawing on past experiences and finding what you need now.


black / pink / bicolor

Effect| Improves mental and physical condition and vitality.

Meaning| It is said to purify and activate stagnant negative energy.


Effect| Increases expressiveness. Protects travel safety. Removes fear.

Meaning| Traveller’s stone’. For travellers and as a good luck charm for driving. Also suitable for strengthening mental strength and calming the mind.


Zelkova (Buddha sculptor’s amulet bead)

Buddha Prayer Bead

Effect| Called “KEYAKI” in Japanese. The “KEYA” comes from “KEYAKESHI” which means remarkably conspicuous or outstandingly beautiful. The “KI” means tree. “KEYA” + “KI” = “KEYAKI”. Due to its excellent durability and beautiful wood grain, it is considered to be one of the finest hardwoods and is used for various purposes such as Buddhist altar fittings, furniture, and construction. The “Kiyomizu Stage” at Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto is also made of zelkova.

・Since the Omamori Bracelet contains wooden beads, do not keep it soaked in water or expose it to direct sunlight for a long time.

・When there are small children, please be careful not to let them put it in their mouths.

・If the inner string of the bracelet has stretched out or is damaged, you can bring it to our shop and we will arrange it for you.