Prayer beads are sacred and precious tools used when offering prayers to God.
We Hiiragi started as a brand that makes beautiful prayer beads with our original colorful tassels, with our hope to help people pray. Until now in Japan, prayer beads were often considered as choiceless and bland. Hiragi’s beads are highly valued as beautiful prayer tools that you’ll be delighted to choose and carry around, and can be found at famous department stores and boutiques.


The charm bracelet features one wooden bead cut out from Keyaki wood (Japanese zevolka). We named it “Busshi’s Kidama”, meaning Buddha sculptor’s wooden beads. The “Kidama” is Hiiragi’s original and our signature bead.

Hiiragi loves the humble feeling of visiting temples or facing Buddhist statues, being wrapped in a mystical atmosphere. Our “Busshi’s Kidama” was born to bring that special sense to everyday life, upon seeking advice from the Buddhist sculptor we rely on.

Although the profession of a Buddhist sculptor may not be familiar to the general public, it is one of the most skilled upon traditional wooden sculptors to carve Buddhas. The Kidama of the Omamori Bracelets may be small, yet with each strike of the knife gives the bead a noble soul and gives you a sense of spirituality.

In addition to our signature “Kidama” beads, we have a wide variety of rare stones, woods, pearls, and more. From real jade from Itoigawa in Japan and irregularly cut golden garnet to quartz with rich inclusions, we have a selection that will satisfy any stone lovers.

Our Omamori Bracelets can be found at our store in Yanaka and our online store.

Yanaka shop

Currently, you can experience making your own “Omamori Bracelet” at our shop in Yanaka (2404 Reservations are not required, situations may change) The time needed for selecting may vary, but it takes around 60 minutes to be completed.

How to making a bracelet

Order of making

from overseas

from France

A family from France, the Father searched for traditional Japanese bracelets and found us. We received many happy comments from this group who said that everything in the store was amazing and purchased various selected products.

from China

The healthy and friendly lady liked us so much that she visited us two days in a row !

from America

A group of friends from Louisiana US, did a huge Insta-research and found and visited us. Both bracelets are satisfying, and got another one as a souvenir for her mother!

from Germany

He made all the souvenirs for his family with Omamori Blacelets, and We made 4 of them at once.

from Singapore

Fashionable young gentlemen from Singapore. They love accessories and their ring was nice and pop!

from Australia

A family from Australia happened to be passing by and entered the store. Based on their Grandma’s advice, each family member accomplished their mission and got these lovely bracelets. They gifted us with a cute little koala for their good shopping time on their last day!

from Belgium

Based on the Year of the Dog bracelet that was on display in the shop, he arranged wooden beads to make it. It matched the fashion of the day.

from Sweden

Although they choose each other separately, there are many stones that link together, such as prehnite and lavender amethyst, so if they get along well, the ones they choose will be similar.

Our Store in Yanaka

At our store, we not only carry Hiiragi’s original products such as prayer beads and OMAMORI bracelets, but also a selection of wonderful crafts, antiques, pottery, and more from all over Japan. Please come to Yanaka to find items that can only be purchased here.

Kowma Futami
Japanese incense

Our Online Store

At our online store, you can purchase OMAMORI bracelets and Japanese crafts from overseas.
we introduce bracelets with monthly themes and with Hiiragi’s original designs. The themes for 2024 are constellations. On the first Friday of each month, we present bracelets with the design of the monthly constellation.

*About Online sale bracelets Some bracelets are not available in different sizes, and some designs with less bead quantities may only be available on our Japanese online store. We can try our best to arrange, so if there is something you are looking for, please inquire here.

Example of
Omamori bracelet

Quartz ×
Pisces Amethyst
Granite ×
(Itoigawa × Myanmar)

Maintenance for
long-term use

The Omamori Bracelet is made of 2-4 layers of high-strength polyurethane threads, so it will not suddenly break apart, but as you use it, it will gradually develop frays and stretch. If the frays between the beads become visible, or if the thread becomes loose and the gap becomes as big as 1 bead without stretching, it’s a good idea to replace the threads. We accept rearrangements at our store.


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Store hours:Wednesday – Sunday 11:00 – 16:00
(If you would like to make OMAMORI bracelet, please arrive by 15:30.)


For inquiries regarding products and brands, please contact us here.
If we are busy with orders, it may take up to 7 business days for us to respond.